Psychedelics (PSD): Substances which help the human psyche to manifest itself (a composite of the words psyche - soul and delein - to appear; in. "Mind manifesting" 1957). Another concept that spells out what we mean in understanding these substances is "psycho- integrative substance."

These substances had been part of the evolution of humanity since ancient times, contributing to the formation of its consciousness and spirituality. Already man had discovered the psychedelic effects of some plants during the gathering period of evolution and integrated them into his cosmology. Their rigorously ritualized use was (and somewhere still is) one way of waking up to a certain spiritual quality. One example from history: Part of the Eleusini Mysteries (in Hofmann, A., 1995) in ancient Greece was the ingestion of a psychedelic substance. In such a context, these substances did not have a destructive effect. On the contrary, they promoted community integrity: From the perspective of general information and current experience, the use of these substances is always necessary to be seen in the context in which their use happens - we call it set and setting. So it depends on the preparation of the PSD experience on the part of who enters it (the so called set) and the surrounding-environment in which the experience will take place or has taken place (the so called setting).