Helping people with difficult psychedelic experience

The help offered may have different levels:

*Integration of experience: Sometimes clarifying the attitude to symptoms and its changing will help: These negative experiences, which can be processed as a failure, are gradually made available as an opportunity as part of the therapeutic intervention and used to process personal history, to which the client would be unlikely to find any other way. Deeper therapeutic work may subsequently develop.

*The offer of assistance – integration in another option consists in helping to correctly estimate what happened in the session in such a way that it provoked the experience of "bad trip", i.e. negative experience. The menu is based on symptoms that usually take the form of flashbacks. Other times, PSD may be the trigger for a psychospiritual crisis, see There may also be unresolved problems from childhood or traumatic experience, to which conscious memories may not be available.

*Helping to reduce the intensity of symptoms is based on a theoretical explanation of bad trip and flashbacks, and a therapeutic strategy to update and re-induce a widespread state of consciousness, this time in safe conditions, such as holotropic breathing. The proportion of focused work with the body as part of work with symptoms is also highlighted and explained.